Black Owned Delivery Company in South Florida Pays Drivers More Than Uber and Lyft

There’s a new Black owned South Florida company that’s taking on Uber and Lyft when it comes to deliveries, and they’re paying more per ride. 

Ebony Harris is the owner of Mahogani Staffing, and even though many companies are suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic, her company is doing well and hiring for contracted drivers.

The company started in 2019 as a transportation company and has now expanded to provide on demand delivery for clients. Right now, interested drivers can go to the Mahogani Staffing website to see if they qualify to drive for the company.

Ebony says she pays more than Uber and Lyft, with drivers making up to $100 in one day. Also, drivers don’t have to drive around looking for rides. They are scheduled for their deliveries so there’s no waiting around for your new paid ride.

“You only need a valid driver’s license, insurance and we do a MVR check,” said Ebony, the company CEO. A MVR is a Motor Vehicle Report.

In the future Ebony plans to expand into staffing for all types of jobs. She wants to make sure her company is a resource for people looking for work.

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